Bud’s Place™ provides an enjoyable, upscale but casual, lounge with multiple revenue streams for the owner.

A Bud’s Place™ social cannabis consumption lounge – bring your own, no dispensing until Federally legal  – offers a combination of food and beverages, accessories, entertainment, and more in a clean, safe and relaxing facility in which customers can enjoy their own cannabis and have HIGH. QUALITY. FUN.

A Social Cannabis Consumption Lounge




” I see Bud’s Place™ as an important part in developing a whole new untapped economic and business sector in this country. A way to bring social equity and diversity to the cannabis industry. A way to create jobs lots of NEW jobs. “

-Mark Cohen


“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” “A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done.”

Steve Jobs


“Coming together is the beginning,
staying together is a
and working together is

-Henry Ford

Meet Bud's Place Founders

Our Affiliations

International Franchise Association

Membership in the IFA assures potential franchisees that Bud’s Place™ adheres to the highest standards in the franchise industry.  Bud’s Place™ is the first cannabis related concept to have been admitted into the International Franchise Association

In 2019 Bud's Place™ approached us at Crave about a partnership. Once I met the leadership at Bud's Place™ and saw their plan for Bud's Place™ future, I was convinced this partnership would be an excellent one. There will now be a Crave inside all Bud's Place™ Lounges. We’ve worked closely with Bud's Place™ team and in addition to a Crave menu, we will also have some other items available for the guests, which will be chosen regionally. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a brand and group that shows such a true passion and determination as this one. Looking forward to #beatthecraving and have some #HQF
Samantha Rincione - Crave
Samantha Rincione
Founder of Crave
Recognized For:

Most Diligent Women to Watch 2021
10 Hottest Franchise Brands 2020
20 Most Reputable Companies 2021
Top 10 Franchise Leader 2021
#11 To 25 Executives 2021
#20 Mover & Shaker 2021
Best Southern BBQ 2019 Frantastic 500 (2020 and 2021) Women of Wonder Top 50 2020
Cover Story "Beyond" Magazine March 2021

We have partnered with the award-winning CRAVE HOT DOGS and BARBECUE, to develop a special premium menu for Bud’s Place™.  Crave’s own franchise system is ranked #16 out of the top 100 top emerging franchises in the USA (fastcasual.com, 2019)

Voted Best Southern BBQ Franchise 2019 – CV Magazine

Veterans We've Got Your SIX!

We've got two U.S. marines on our team!


We at Bud’s Place™ are committed to our great veterans and their success.


Bud’s Place™ knows our U.S. military veterans have what it takes to grow a successful business. That’s why we offer special military incentives – to make franchising with Bud’s Place™ easier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

$75,000 for a single unit. There is a sliding scale for a multi-unit agreement.

Yes! We encourage multi-unit operators.  Ask your sales rep about our current promotions.

Yes! Please check with use re: availability for the territory you would like. And, for geographic areas that we are able to open franchises in but which have not yet approved a concept such as Bud’s Place™, we have an Option Agreement that could be entered into so you can lock up a territory.

Of course! At Bud’s Place™, we offer 3 weeks of training – 2 weeks at our corporate training location and 1 week at your location before and during your grand opening. We want you to be successful and know this is a team effort!

We estimate that your investment to open a single Bud’s Place™ will range between $600,400 and $1,196,500. The investment will vary based on many factors, including: size, location, license costs, air quality rules and more.

Yes we do. Because we appreciate our veterans and know that they often make great franchisees, a Military Veteran can qualify for a discounted franchise fee and a royalty percentage discount.

*please refer to our current Franchise Disclosure Document and our Single-Unit or Multi-Unit Franchise Agreement for more information.

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