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Recreational Marijuana Consumption Lounge Growth Continues


Cannabis consumption lounges are the new hot ticket in recreational marijuana use

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in most of the United States. This has led to an increase in cannabis consumption lounges that are focusing on cannabis-friendly spaces to cater to those who wish to partake. The cannabis market remains robust as it continues its expansion to new regions of the United States and cannabis-friendly hotels continue to pop up. The cannabis industry is predicted to grow by 300% over the next three years.

What exactly are cannabis consumption lounges?

Cannabis consumption lounges are cannabis-centered spaces that provide an environment where cannabis users can consume cannabis without the fear of being arrested.

Consumption lounges are dedicated cannabis-friendly spaces and events where cannabis users can smoke and enjoy the social aspect commonly associated with its use. Some cannabis consumption lounges also serve cannabis edibles and infused products like oils and creams as well. Still others will have a full restaurant kitchen to provide additional options for guests to remain even longer and enhance their experience.

What motivates cannabis users to go to these cannabis consumption lounges?

Consumption lounges are a huge link in the market

There is a need for the cannabis consumption lounges as cannabis users are being ridiculed in places like Colorado where cannabis is legal. These cannabis consumption lounges help cannabis users who want to consume cannabis products without the risk of being arrested by law enforcement officers.

Cannabis consumption lounges can be found in other states such as California and they often serve cannabis consumers, cannabis users, cannabis patients and cannabis suppliers.

How Cannabis Consumption Lounges Have Affected the Cannabis Market

A cannabis consumption lounge is a business that does not sell cannabis products, but instead provides cannabis consumers with a cannabis consumption space. Cannabis lounges provide consumers with an alternate social environment that can be compared to bars, nightclubs or coffee shops. When entering cannabis lounges, guests are required to show their identification card as proof of age, similar to entering a bar or similar establishment. Some cannabis consumption lounges also require patrons to wear a wristband for entry which identifies them as someone who has gone through a process of checking in and checking out, just like at a club. This process ensures that cannabis consumption lounges do not attract cannabis consumers under the legal cannabis consumption age.

The cannabis consumption lounge business model has been growing in popularity in Washington since cannabis legalization took place there. The cannabis lounges are a great opportunity to expand cannabis market into new channels and allow cannabis consumption places outside the private properties of cannabis users. This is considered as an opportunity to generate cannabis market revenue for cannabis lounges.

The cannabis consumption lounge business model is not yet adopted in all four states that have legalized cannabis. In Colorado cannabis consumption inside cannabis cafes and restaurants are allowed; but cannabis consumption lounges outside the establishments are not allowed.

Recreational Cannabis Market Outlook

The cannabis market outlook is predicted to grow at a very fast pace. The cannabis market has been dominated by cannabis products for medicinal use, which is also likely to be the case in the near future. Recently, cannabis consumption lounges have opened up and are doing quite well as people are getting used to cannabis-use in public spaces. Marijuana became legal in some states such as Colorado, leading to an increase in cannabis consumption, but it will still take time for cannabis laws for different states to catch up. Just compare these two maps from 2017 and 2021.


In a nutshell:

– The recreational cannabis market is predicted to grow at a very fast pace

– From early on, the market has been dominated by cannabis products for medicinal use.

– Recently, cannabis consumption lounges have begun to open as recreational use rates increase, and stand to become just a single segment of a multi-billion dollar vertical industry.

Watch this space

Because cannabis consumption is not legalized nationwide, cannabis consumption lounges provide a way for cannabis consumers to indulge their vice where it is locally permissible. It also provides an opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs to test and experiment with new flavors and packaging as well as create new products catering to what cannabis consumers will want and need from their foods. This would allow cannabis entrepreneurs from around the world to have opportunities for growth in their business ventures. It also allows cannabis consumers to get exposure they might not have otherwise. The sky is the limit, as the ceiling continues to break for this fledgling industry.

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