Is A Cannabis Consumption Lounge Franchise in Your Future?

Cannabis consumption lounge franchises are on the rise

A cannabis consumption lounge franchise could be just the ticket for you to enter a $30 billion industry!

For some entrepreneurs, entering the cannabis industry is a difficult proposition: start-up costs range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, and many banks refuse any business ties to marijuana.

New entrants to the cannabis market may have challenges understanding all of the complex regulations.

For many prospective owners, the entry barrier is just too high.

Ohio set to vote on legalization in 2022

Ohio stands poised to join the growing list of states legalizing recreational cannabis.

The Ohio attorney general on Friday, August 20 certified a petition to legalize marijuana. Activists will be attempting to put the measure on the state’s 2022 ballot.

Insurance: Getting ready to 10X in Cannabis Sector

Insureance in the cannabis industry is set to explode

The insurance industry is about to explode with cannabis legalization.
As Congress inches closer to legalizing cannabis at the federal level, companies are bracing themselves for what could be as big as a ten-fold increase in sales as part of the booming $17.6 billion-a-year market.

Will the Third Try be the Charm for New York’s Adult-Use program?

New York and cannabis have a history together. In the late 1800’s, two groups were known to be using the herb for non-medical use. White intellectuals at the universities and culturally in the literary circles, and the Black and Caribbean populations. Cannabis, Harlem and the Jazz Age In the 1920’s Harlem was the center of […]

Cannabis was a bright spot in a dark year

Face it. 2020, in general, sucked. It was the lousiest of lousy years in many aspects. The emergence of the COVID virus, and a botched government response forced almost 100 thousand small business to close permanently. Decisions made to shut down the economy to force people to stay home also created massive unemployment. At years […]

Oklahoma’s Medical Program Soars Sooner

Oklahoma, which has only had a medical program since 2018 managed to implement it with hyper speed. After only 2 months, registration began for patients, doctors and medical cannabis businesses. Sales of product began one month later, making Oklahoma the fastest state to implement a medical program ever. Despite conservative politics (Trump carried the state […]

Cannabis Consumption in the Year of Covid-19

This pandemic had been hard on us all. Some have lost loved ones and friends. Others have lost their business. The business they built or were fortunate enough to acquire and worked steadily towards success. In fact, we have lost 328,000 souls, and 97000 small businesses have been shuttered. Permanently. Between the shutdowns, losses of […]

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Franchise?

There are numerous traits of great entrepreneurs. They desire high levels of success and have amazing ideas. They wish to be really included and use their decision-making powers fearlessly. They are interested in several things that affect their business and its operation. These are necessary attributes for successful company owner, but they can also obstruct. […]

Online Franchise Financing: Should It Be Part Of Your Mix?

New franchises search for funding from numerous sources, even if just as a back-up for the inescapable ups and downs of organisation. Fortunately, franchisors routinely have financing plans for new franchisees. These plans frequently cover the franchise charge or needed equipment to run a franchise. But franchisors likewise manage their own risk, and will not […]

Buying A Franchise? Setting Some Goals Will Help You Make A Decision.

In this post, you’re going to learn why it’s so crucial to set goals when  purchasing a franchise business. Let’s dive in! Goals Will Assist You In Preventing Click-Fatigue Before you start taking a major look at franchise businesses, it is necessary to set objectives. Because if you do not, you’ll find yourself clicking one franchise […]